Warming Trend

It was a bit warmer today than the past week, but still quite pleasant. I read my watch wrong this morning. Just before I made it to the door of CAB, I noticed it was five minutes to eleven, not five minutes to ten. I was shocked and amused that I could make such a ridiculous mistake. With my first class ‘out of the way,’ I went to get some lunch. I went to Tolliver Hall afterward. I added some F-22 Raptor wallpapers to the website. I remained there until shortly after one thirty and headed to Madison for my two o’clock class, Sociology. Today’s session was about crime and consisted mostly of contrived generalizations, as I’m finding is all too frequent in this particular survey class. The gist of the lecture was that poor, uneducated black folk commit a lot of the crime because they’re poor and uneducated. Class was dismissed early enough for me to go to Tolliver for a little while before history. This evening’s History class elaborated on the great depression, which was touched on last Friday. There was a small class exercise in which students were to discuss in small groups what we would do in the event of a cataclysmic and sudden economic collapse. Most students said they’d probably liquidate their assets and try to stockpile food or something. There were a number of other responses as well. The point of the exercise was to point out that what we thought of today was pretty much the same things people thought of and did in the 30’s. After class I went back to my room quickly to pick up my swiss army knife as I was gonna need it later. I met Bianca for dinner in Tolliver hall around 6:30. We both got pasta and took it back to her apartment. After I finished eating we put together a small shelf she had. I would have done it when I was there yesterday but I didn’t have a screwdriver on hand. Bianca put on Resident Evil: Apocalypse, a rather dreadful zombie movie, while she did her homework. One of her friends, Derek, joined us after the movie had been on a little while. Dorcas came over after it had been finished a while. I left shortly after ten. I stopped by Tolliver for a Coke before heading home for the evening. The internet was barely working thus evening so I just got caught up on this log and hit the 2000 mark in Triffia.

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