To School

Mom, Andrew and I left Uncle Larry’s house this morning to back to Alabama to meet Dad. It was about a two hour drive from Lawrenceville to Talladega. Everyone that was there when we left was there when we arrived again. I got a look at the stuff dad retrieved from our house during his visit last week. He bought pretty much all of my clothes, the photographs I left and my CDs outside of my clothes I didn’t ask him to retrieve much else. Shortly after arriving we made a couple stops. First we went to a church that was giving out various items, mostly clothing, to hurricane victims. With all my clothes in hand I didn’t need anything and felt pretty out of place there despite my situation. After that we stopped at Wal-Mart as I needed a large duffle bag to put my things in. I also got some things I didn’t need like a new swiss army knife and a battery charger. I spent the better part of the afternoon washing and folding my clothes and packing all my things which were laid out on the floor in a room. It was kind of a big job but I got it done in less time than I would have expected. Uncle Larry (and maybe John too) fried some shrimp and fish and made some kabobs for dinner. The shrimp and fish came from Uncle Larry’s fridge at his house in New Orleans. Someone managed to retrieve it in time to save it. I suppose that was the last time I’d be eating Louisiana shrimp for a good while. I got to see pictures of our house that they shot while in New Orleans. The house is fine, although the tree in our front yard looks like it exploded. There are large fallen branches in three or four directions. A large part of the tree fell in front of the house, blocking the front windows and front gate. Our house is Later in the evening around 10:30, Mom and Dad drove to Anniston where the nearest bus station is. We got there early and the bus was a few minutes late so we were waiting there for a while. The bus arrived sometime after midnight, at which time I boarded the bus.

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