Mill Creek Football

Louisiana Tech finally got my application processed this afternoon. I made several phone calls to the admissions office over the course of the day I sorta got the impression they were tired of hearing for a movie and gave me a reason to stop calling. That was the only progress made on the school front though. We all went to a high school football this game. I didn’t have interest in the game but I did need to get out of the house for a while. Chelsea plays in her high school band, which compels her parent’s to attend the football games. Mill Creek High played another whose name I can no longer recall. Suffice it to say they have a better football team. When we arrived at the school around seven I remarked on how surprised I was at the size of the school it’s an insanely large complex compared to the schools in New Orleans. Andrew’s school was next door so I got a look at it as well. As for the game, Mill Creek looked pretty decent in the first half, especially for a team belonging to a school only two years old. However, they made some back-breaking mistakes including a handful of interceptions. Both of the school’s bands performed at halftime. Chelsea was unable to play her instrument, bass clarinet, as her right arm was in a sling, but she was still in the formation, presumably to fill her space. The home team looked pretty dismal in the second half. I think the final score was 35-21, pretty respectable considering. I wasn’t paying nearly enough attention to say when or if the visiting team pulled their first string. I don't recall anything of circumstance taking place after we got home.

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