It’s hard to say when exactly the day started as I boarded the Greyhound bus sometime after midnight. Sleeping on the bus was pretty hard although I think I dozed off on a few occasions. The bus made a few stops which were impossible to sleep through with the interior lights on and the driver on the public address system. The bus made stops in Birmingham, Meridian, Jackson, Vicksburg and Monroe, LA. Between being late in arriving in Anniston where I got on and an overly long layover in Jackson, MS, the bus was about 45 minutes late in arriving in Ruston, Louisiana. The Greyhound bus stop in Ruston is at a gas station. Khadijah and Bianca were there to greet me. I’d seen Bianca a couple weeks ago but I’d not seen Khadijah since the end of June. At some point we dropped off my luggage at Kali’s dorm room but I don’t really remember the order anymore. We made a few stops. We had lunch at a Chinese buffet. The food was alright tasted exactly like the food at the Chinese buffet in Algiers. After that we went to Wal-Mart because I needed some things. I bought towels and some other more-or-less necessities. We stopped at a storage facility to pick up some stuff Khadijah left here in Ruston. We took Kali’s things up to her dorm after dropping off Bianca. With that out of the way I got my computer online and checked on some things and talked to a couple people online I haven’t spoken with in a little while, including Mylena. While I was doing that, Lindsey Simms stops by Kali’s dorm. We visited for few minutes before she left. I don’t think she accomplished whatever it was she intended to with her visit. I got to know her prettyt well during my senior year of high school but we didn’t really stay in touch. Khadijah put on Shrek 2, which we sorta watched. This evening, Khadijah and I went to an evening church service at the Ruston Church of Christ. We got a ride with Scott, one of Khadijah’s friends. The service was nice, pretty traditional. The sermon was pretty confusing for a first time visitor however. I had something to do with evangelism. The whole service referred to ‘teachers’ and ‘students,’ and not in a metaphorical sense. After the service Kali and I went to a short youth group meeting, which pertained to preparations for an upcoming fellowship event. After church, Khadijah and I accompanied a couple of her friends, Rachel and Randy-Lynn, to get something to eat. We went to a Popeye’s by the campus. I wasn’t hungry but I got a little something so I wouldn’t be just sitting there. We must have been there eating and talking for about an hour. After that, Randy-Lynn drove us back to campus. Khadijah and I talked for while before bed.

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