Taking Down Tables

I woke up at 9:30 this morning not much time to get ready and get to class, but enough. This morning’s economics class covered some simple formulas for computing consumer behavior. I went to the cafeteria for lunch after class. Class ended well early enough for me to beat the noon rush. After lunch I probably went to Tolliver for a while. I went back to my room to exchange laptops before my two o’clock class. Today’s Sociology class was about bureaucracy. Most of the lecture material seemed painfully obvious. “Bureaucracies have rules for everything.” Yeah… fascinating. After a shorter lecture than usual there was a class exercise, so titled the moon game. The scenario was a ship crash-landed on the light side of the moon and the survivors have to walk 200 miles to the moon base. There was a list of aobut 15 items which needed to be numerically ranked by their usefulness. Items included oxygen tanks, water, a parachute, parachute, matches, etc. First we ranked them ourselves, then in small groups. After that the professor read how NASA ranked the items. The whole point of the exercise was to prove that better decisions are made in groups. I was one of four of the 114 students that did better alone than with group input. After class I went back to my room to switch computers again and then went right back to Madison and sat in the classroom until my four o’clock history class started. Today’s lecture was about the US acquisition of territory after the civil war through post WWII. I got some dinner after class and then went to Tolliver for a while. I read a number of articles and Tutorials about CSS and creating tableless websites. I’ve wanted my website to be pure XHTML and CSS for quite sometime but never bothered. I went back to my room after eight and worked on my website for a while. I got started on that lofty goal. I eliminated the tables in the body layout, although all my content pages remain. I talked to Ami online for a while and finally went to sleep sometime after one.

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