Fixing the CSS Switcher

This morning’s French class dealt with numbers and telling time, among other things I can no longer recall. I went to lunch in the cafeteria after class and sat with John for a while. I think I went to Tolliver for a while after lunch and read some pages of the French textbook for homework. I went back to my room later and cleaned up a bit. cleaned my swiss army knife fascinating stuff. Later in the afternoon I went back to Tolliver hall where I remained for a good while. I spent a few hours working on the CSS switcher on my website. It’s never worked fully because I couldn’t get the cookie to be read site-wide. Rather than tweaking the JavaScript one I had in place, I decided to use a PHP one from an article on A List Apart. I spent at least a couple house on it without success. At some point I got it working but it immediately broke. By then it was after eight and I hadn’t had dinner so I decided to give it a rest and eat something. Having had my fill I went back to my room and soon after had another look at my website. I eventually found some code online that actually worked and was quite pleased with myself.

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