Painting Framed

This morning’s French class dealt with numbers and time, both formal and conversational. We also spent some time writing out numbers in French. I back to my dorm after class. Sarah picked me up and one so I could go pick up Ami’s painting from the framing shop. It was leaning on the floor against the wall with the shops other recent work, including a mint poster of Pope John Paul II pointing his finger, with the text “The Pill Is a No-No.” The frame and painting look fantastic. Although the price was painful, the shops workmanship is superb. Sarah took my back home and I hung the painting in my room. At present it’s the only thing on any of the walls in my dorm. After a little while I went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and then to Tolliver Hall. I was there for an hour or two. I did a little work on the website. Khadijah called me sometime around three and invited me to join her and two of her friends who were going to a nearby Chinese buffet. I had just eaten but company was nice to so I joined them. I didn’t exactly get my money’s worth. A lot of the conversation upstaged me as a geek kung-fu movies and role-playing games. After about an hour of that I walked back to Tolliver Hall. I think I remained there until shortly before sundown. I watched some TV and got a couple loads of laundry done this evening. Ami called really late and I talked to her on the phone for a while. I went to bed sometime after two.

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