Running Around

I woke up sometime around eight o’clock this morning. Khadijah had a class around nine and I had several things to do this morning. Khadijah walked me around for a little bit between a few buildings. I don’t really feel like detailing all the back-and-forth that took place this morning. Suffice it to say I went to and fro for a good part of the afternoon. Khadijah and I had breakfast in the cafeteria shortly after nine this morning. I learned I wouldn’t be receiving a Pell grant anymore as my parent’s income was reported as higher and my EFC exceeded whatever their limit is. Ofcourse no longer having a viable business certainly affects that but they didn’t have much to tell me though. I visited the campus bookstore. I scheduled my classes and got an ID and dorm room assignment today in Cottingham. It’s an old building but clean comparatively. Sometime after four I met Khadijah and was with her for a while at the radio station where she works. She showed me around, which didn’t take long as it’s a pretty small facility. I met Bianca and some of her friends for dinner at five this evening. Among them was my new roommate, Jonathan seems like a nice enough guy, not somebody I need to worry about. I also met some other friends of hers who I assume are all fellow engineering students. After dinner Bianca showed me the buildings where my classes will be held. Three of the four are in one building so it didn’t take long. We both went to one of her friend’s dorm rooms after that, I think his name was Josh. We stayed around there for a while as Bianca did some homework and we all talked for a while. I left not too long after Bianca left and went back to Khadijah’s dorm. We intended to move my stuff to my new dorm room this evening but her car broke down. We’re guessing the battery is dead. It was parked and not used for several months although it did work for a while when she first retrieved it. It wouldn’t start or do anything really, as if the battery was disconnected. As it was already late and I didn’t feel like bothering so I just stayed another night in Kali’s dorm. Before bed we both watched Donnie Darko.

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