First Classes

I got up around nine thirty this morning, just enough time to get ready and get to my first class this morning, Introduction to Economics. This is one of those intro courses with 100+ students. There were at least a dozen Tulane football players in the 10:00 class this morning. All the professor did was basically read the syllabus and class was dismissed within five minutes. I went back to Khadijah’s dorm and then went right back out to get myself a post office box and check Kali’s mail. It didn’t take very long. The RA on the first floor was less than pleased when I used Kali’s key fob to get into the dormitory and escorted me to Kali’s room. Not too long after I got back we both left. Kali had an eye doctor appointment to get some contacts. I got my things together and we took them down to Sarah’s car. Sarah came with us and a few other friends on a ‘camping’ trip a while back so we were already acquainted. She was waiting to pick us up downstairs. I accompanied Khadijah to the eye doctor and left my things in her car until after she’d pick us up again after Kali’s appointment. I had my laptop with me so I was able to catch up on some log entries while I waited. Sarah showed up at the clinic after a while. Khadijah was finally done sometime around 1:30. We then went by Cottingham to drop off my stuff. I had planned to join Kali and Sarah for lunch but I had a class at two, Introduction to Sociology. The teacher took roll of the some 115 students, exhaustively went over the syllabus and discussed at least part of the first chapter of the book. The instructor seems decent enough but I have a feeling the class will be less interesting than it could be. After that class ended around 3:30 I went to the cafeteria for something to eat before the upcoming 4:00 class. I saw Joy Hatfield on the way, someone else I went to high school with and haven’t seen since graduation. We actually worked interships at the same company together one summer. U.S. History, 1877-Present dragged into the evening today. The [professor seems like a nice.guy. Judging from what he spent a lot of time talking about it was as if he though all his students were just starting their forst semester with all his comparisons to high school. He also went over every detail of the syllabus and gave his first lecture today, regarding Reconstruction after the Civil War. 1877 marks the end of reconstruction. After class I saw Khadijah at KLPI just as I was about to call her. I sat with her for a while while she opened the mail, which had obviously piled up at the station. At about seven I left and went to my dorm room. I spent some time there rearranging the furniture and unpacking. Later I called Khadijah and walked over to her room to pick up the last of my things that were there. I ended up hanging around with her for a while. We eventually went to get some ice cream and ate it out at the ‘red tables’ with an acquaintance of Khadijah’s named Steve. We eventually left and I finally did get my things and went back to my dorm. I checked a number of things online before going to bed around midnight.

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