No Change

I got up a bit late at 10 this morning. After getting myself cleaned up and eating breakfast, I checked to see if any progress was made with the applications processes for school. My FAFSA application finished processing this afternoon but not much progress was made on LA Tech’s end of things. I made a number of phone calls with no real results since my application hasn’t been processed yet. Financial aid took some information from me for some form or whatever. I did get reasonable assurance that I would be settled in shortly after arriving. I talked to Bianca this afternoon. She said she’d be able to help me out with some things, maybe even get housing and classes scheduled for me, which would be rather nice since I may not arrive before classes start on Monday. Mom and grandma made chicken stew for dinner. Late this evening I watched Titanic, a movie I’d been intentionally avoiding but finally capitulated and gave up three hours of my life. It was actually a pretty decent movie. It was certainly interesting to see the ship interiors recreated by a big-budget Hollywood production.

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