Easy History Test

I got up with just enough time to get ready and get to my 10:00 economics class. Today’s session was about elasticity of supply and demand. After class I went to Tolliver to get something to eat quesadillas. Lindsey was sitting at a table next to an outlet for my laptop so I sat and talked with her for a little while. After lunch I went back home to take a shower as I had to skip that step this morning. This afternoon’s sociology class was a continuation on ‘socialization,’ ‘resocialization’ in particular. Afterward, I had almost an hour before my four o’clock class so I went by the bookstore to glace at chapter 21 of the economics textbook, which I really don’t need to buy. I finally bought a pair of sandals, which should save my feet from all the evils of the shower floor. I walked back to my dorm to unload my purchase and switch laptops before heading back to Madison for my history class. We had our first exam today. It was all multiple choice and wasn’t difficult. I got something to eat in the cafeteria after class and then went to sit in Tolliver for a while. Comedian Tom Cotter performed in Tolliver Hall at seven this evening. He was pretty funny although his routine was a bit crude, catering to the audience nicely however. A little while after the show I stopped in KLPI to say hi to Khadijah as on the way to the library to print some things out for French homework. I ended up hanging around with her for a while. I was able to print my things up in the station office. Soon after Khadijah wanted something to eat and we went back to Tolliver. Her friend Steve joined us. After a while I went back to my room for the evening.

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