First French Class

I was in no hurry to get up this morning as I only had one class at 11 o’clock. Today was my first day in Elementary French. I missed Monday’s session. Overall it was a pretty good class, considerably smaller than my other ones, there couldn’t have been more than 25 students. Most of the class was spent doing oral exercises, simple greetings and such. After class I went to Tolliver Hall and spent a good deal of time hanging around there with my laptop. Bianca joined me a while later and worked on some of her homework. At around six we went to dinner and ate with Josh and my roommate John. Later in the evening Sarah took Bianca and I to Wal-Mart as I needed a number of things including bed sheets. Hopefully I won’t have to make any more runs over there as I’m not making any money at the moment. We got home around nine. I didn’t do much this evening aside from making my bed.

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