I was up and out the door around nine this morning. I had time before my 10:00 Economics class to get some breakfast, a waffle today. At the start of this morning’s class, there was a representative from the Wall Street Journal that addressed the class for a few minutes and basically advertised the paper. I guess the paper has a program with the school to give business majors free access to the print and online additions of the paper. The lecture was short, regarding the definition of economics, needs and wants. After that a lengthy video was shown, Greed! with John Stossel (February 3, 1998, ABC News Special). The short of it was “greed is good.” I went to get some lunch after class and ran into Bianca and had lunch with her. Socialolgy class was ok. I now regret my choice of seat. The podium blocks most of the whiteboard and seats are assigned in this class. I had enough time for a short walk and a Coke before my 4:00 history class started. This afternoon’s class regarded the end of Reconstruction after the Civil War. The second half of the class was about myths about violence in the frontier west. I met Khadijah, Bianca and some of their friends after class. I was supposed to meet them for dinner but I told them I’d be out of class an hour before I actually was. I ended up handing out with Kali and her old roommate for a while. We perused through the art building for a good while. Eventually I went back to Kali’s dorm to retrieve my cell phone charger, which I left there earlier this week. We later went to Tolliver for something to eat and I remained for a while after she left. I made it back to my dorm shortly after nine and eventually went to bed.

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