A Reason to Drive

Today’s French class started with a quiz, a first. Although I couldn’t say for certain, I suspected it had something to do with disappointment over the test grades. The remained of the class was spent on some cultural matters in French-speaking regions, including Quebec and Louisiana. I went to Tolliver Hall after class to sit with my laptop until the lunch crowds died down and I could get something to eat without waiting around for a while. While there I met and spoke with a student from New Orleans named Elisabeth who was attending UNO. We spoke for about an hour after which I got something to eat. Khadijah saw me in the cafeteria and we ate lunch together. I was gonna tag along with her for a little while after lunch but I got a call from Bianca about a possible job. I had to go to the financial aid office to make sure I was eligible for work study, which I am. I went back to my room for a while after that until Bianca called me again to ask me to come down to Bogart Hall to meet Gene Murphy. He's in charge of maintaing the COES computers and needed a computer repair tech to work in their shop. The position would have been perfect for me but the position requires a driver’s license, which I don’t have. I went to kill some time in Tolliver after the ‘interview.’ Bianca joined me a while after I got there and we went to get dinner after a while. We met my room mate John in the cafeteria and sat together. At six thirty I went to the library to meet Kasey, a fellow student in my history class. I had agreed to meet him to study for the upcoming test. He relayed the information from the review session professor Anderson conducted this evening, and I forgot about which was a shame as I wasn’t exactly busy. After about an hour of that I went back to Tolliver Hall to try and print some things out but didn’t have any luck. After that I went back to my room for the evening.

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