Tropical Storm Cindy

There was no hurry to get to work this morning, we arrived at 11 after a stop at the bank. It was dark and rainy outside today. I really didn’t have any work to all day. Doc didn’t get any dictation done until closing time. Dad and I left the office shortly after six. We stopped for French bread on the way home. Dad made some red beans yesterday which we had for dinner tonight. I spent the better part of the evening playing games on the computer. At about 10:30, we lost electricity. It had been raining heavily for a while but we weren’t to lose power. Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall in Louisiana this evening. Voluntary evacuations were declared in some outlying areas. The power stated out through the evening. There was plenty of heavy rain and wind, but nothing too bad I guess. With candles burning in my room, I used my laptop and dialup service to poke around online for a while before bed. I spoke with Ami online for a while.

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