No Tomorrow

We still went to church this morning, although game two of the super regional started at noon today. A win today would force a game 3 tomorrow and a loss would mark the end of the line for Tulane’s baseball season. I stayed with Dad while he taught his Sunday school class. We changed and left a bit early while his assistant finished up the class. We arrived at the stadium just after the game started. There was occasional cloud cover today, but less than yesterday I think. Unlike yesterday’s game that was just hard to watch, this one was quite the nail-biter. There was no scoring until the top of the seventh when Tulane managed to load the bases for a third time. Tulane walked in a run for a one point lead but left the bases loaded again. While a lead was nice, it was pretty fragile. Tulane bought a good insurance policy in the top of the ninth with six runs. The bottom of the ninth passed quickly and Tulane won the game 7-0. Tulane really looked sharp this afternoon, Micah Owings in particular. His pitching performance was nothing short of amazing. Owings pitched his first entire game in 90 degree heat and allowed only three hits in nine innings. I could go on about his showing but I’ll let it suffice to say that Owings shouldn’t have to buy a drink for a long time to come. After the game, Dad, myself and someone we’d met at the regional tournament went over to Robert’s bar for a drink. I don’t think we were there too long. This evening, it was decided that game three would take place at noon tomorrow, most likely on ESPN’s whim. Frankly it’s rather disgraceful that the #1 national seed has to play three straight games in as many days in the searing heat. Later in the evening I watched Raging Bull before getting to bed at a decent hour.

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