New Orleans Super-Regional Baseball Tournament

Dad and I went to see Tulane play Rice in the NCAA Super regional tournament at noon today. If I recall correctly, we brought some food with us to eat before making our way in the stadium. It was rather hot today, no surprise I guess as it is summer time now. This was the first time I’d been out in the heat this year for a circumstantial length of time. There was on and off cloud cover and strong wind during the game, likely a side-effect of the first named storm of this year’s hurricane season, Arlene, which made landfall on the Mississippi coast this afternoon. The field didn’t look too great, also no surprise after the punishment it took after last week with all the rain. Rice was quick to take the wind out of Tulane’s sails. They scored three unanswered runs in both the first and second innings. By the end of the second, Rice had ten hits and a six run lead. At the end of four, the score was 7-1. The short of it is Rice played a lot better than Tulane, who made some costly mental errors. Tulane pitcher Brian Bogusevic, who pitched the first four innings, just didn’t have it today. Brandon Gomes came in for him in the fifth and performed rather well, and allowed no more runs. Tulane started a comeback with four runs in the 7th, but there was no more scoring after that for a final of 9-5. It was certainly a disheartening loss, but Tulane managed to make it look half decent at least. After the game, Dad, myself and whoever, someone we’d met at the regional tournament, went over to Robert’s bar for a drink. We were there for quite some time. After being there a while, I got something to eat at the Frostop. Jeff met us up there after work a while later. I think we got home around seven.

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