Omaha Bound!

Dad and I went to work this morning, more or less. There was no electricity in the building so the mid city clinic couldn’t see patients. Deidra was out front to ‘greet’ patients. We left around 11 to go to the ballgame. After we parked, Dad went to get some thing to eat while I waited by the car. We walked in after we finished eating with time to spare before the game started. With both Rice and Tulane with a win in the three game series, today’s game decided who would go to the College World Series. Unlike yesterday’s pitcher’s duel, today’s match was more of a slug-fest. A third attendance record was set in as many days with a turnout of 4,708, the largest crowd ever at Turchin Stadium, a fitting end before the upcoming renovation of the stadium. Tulane was the visiting team again as decided by a coin toss and were at bat first. They took the opportunity to set the offensive tone early with two runs in the top of the first. The score was tied at the end of three after Rice scored one run in both the second and third inning. The score remained tied until Rice scored in the sixth. Tulane rallied late, again, with four runs in the eighth to retake the lead. Rice came right back in the bottom of the eighth with three runs to tie the game again. It was quite a roller coaster ride for the fans. In the top of the ninth, Tulane scored three runs to retake the lead. Three quick outs in the bottom of the ninth ended the game and Tulane won the game 9-6 and a birth in the College World Series. Much like the end of the regional tournament, there was a good deal of celebration by the fans and players alike. After the game, Dad, Jeff, myself and whoever went to Robert’s for a drink. I made a complete fool of myself playing pool with some kid and later playing a game with Jeff. Pool has always been one of my favorite games although I so seldom play it and have no discernable talent although I did manage to beat Jeff, who obviously learned a thing or two about the game while away at school. We went home after our game. We had trouble getting out as a camera crew was in the bar getting some pictures of the crowd, which became rather ‘enthusiastic’ when the camera was on. When we got home we had to clean ourselves up as we were going right back out again. There was a company dinner this evening at Houston’s for Stephanie’s birthday. In keeping with tradition, we were an hour late in getting started. Mom, Dad, Jeff, myself, Stephanie, her boyfriend, Deidra, Bianca and her husband were there. We all agreed to meet at seven. We were seated at eight. For some reason, they wouldn’t move any tables so our party of nine sat at two adjacent tables, which was rather awkward. I had grilled redfish in a lemon butter sauce with coleslaw, probably the healthiest thing I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant. We went home after dinner. I didn’t do much in the evening and got to bed at a decent hour.

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