My Man Godfrey

Dad dropped me off this morning and arrived at the mid city office at 10, he went to work at the west bank. I was mostly there to keep Diedre company as there wasn’t anything in the line of work for me to do. I spend the work day trying to study and get some final work done for my classes. I wasn’t very productive. I just couldn’t muster any motivation perhaps I was just feeling lazy, but I’ve never gotten much done in the line of school work at work. I remained at the office until five o’clock when mom picked me up. I did a little school work at home in the evening but not much. I did more laundry. I finished watching My Man Godfrey. Screwball comedies from the thirties aren’t exactly my thing but this movie was surprisingly amusing and entertaining. Unlike most comedies of the depression era, My Man Godfrey relies on snappy dialog rather than slapstick violence for humor. I got to bed at a decent hour.

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