Last Rock and Roll History Class

I took the day off from work to get some last minute school work done. I wasn’t really needed at the office anyway. I did some reading for this evening’s history final but I wasn’t all that productive with my writing assignments. I took a shower and was out of the door at about 4:45. I just missed one bus as I approached the stop but there was one right behind it so I didn’t even get to sit down. I arrived at the Centre at about five, after finally depositing last week’s paycheck. I looked over notes and such but I don’t think it helped any. The exam wasn’t especially difficult but I didn’t feel like I did especially well. Even so, with a ‘B’ on the midterm and an ‘A-‘ on my essay I’m reasonably confident I’ll come away with a ‘B’ in the class. After finishing and wishing Randy the best, I left and called Dad, who was at Macy’s downstairs. We left the mall and drove down to Zypher Field where Tulane’s baseball team played UNO this evening. As we were driving there the score was tied at one. The game started at 6:30 and I just finished my test at that time. It was 3-1 as we were finding a parking spot and 5-1 when we took our seats. Tulane had a big second inning with five runs, after which the score was 6-1. Both teams got a single run in the 3rd as well. There was a steady breeze blowing towards right field throughout the game, sometimes increasing in intensity. It got hold of a few balls that would otherwise have been home runs and blew some hits along the right field line out of play. The next episode of scoring was in the top of the 6th when UNO scored four runs, bringing the score to 7-6. Although there was tension to spare for the remainder of the game, especially when UNO loaded the bases in the top of the ninth, there was no more scoring and Tulane won 7-6. As UNO is a pretty unremarkable team, Tulane would have had a larger margin, but a win is a win. I did just a little bit of class work in the evening but I was tired and went to bed around midnight.

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