End of Jazzfest

After breakfast, Dad and I left comparatively early to attend the last day of this year’s Jazzfest. We got our usual parking spot, again, and got in the gate without incident. We arrived at the economy tent in time for the first act of the day, the Dukes of Dixieland, a pretty traditional jazz band. They put on a pretty decent show. When they finished, we walked to the Acura stage after stopping by Acura’s car exhibit tent thing. They had the NSX on display along with a concept SUV that was pretty cool. Bonerama was performing at the Acura stage. They were kinda interesting but nothing to write home about in my opinion, although they drew a substantial crowd. We were there for about 15 minutes before walking a short distance to the blues tent to see Eddie Bo. We saw a good portion of his show before leaving. We saw Otra perform at the at the lagniappe stage in the grandstands. They’re a very entertaining afro-Cuban jazz band that deserved to perform on a bigger stage. The lagniappe state generally serves for lightly drawing performers. Otra crowded the paddock more than I had yet seen. They gave an excellent, if short performance. We saw them at the French quarter festival a few weeks ago. It was about 2:30 after their show and we were both ready to eat by then. We walked to Economy Hall and ‘set up camp’ and went to get something to eat. I had a Cajun crawfish rice and etouffee pastry sorta thing, which was excellent. Jamil Sharif was performing as we ate, who was pretty good. After I finished eating I took a quick look at the CD tent but didn’t buy anything. After I got back, Dad and I walked to the Sprint stage where Los Lonely Boys performed at four. They put on a good show and drew a huge crowd, nothing to write home about though. After Los Lonely Boys, we walked to congo square, where Isaac Hayes was to perform at quarter to six. He was a half hour late in starting, right after we agreed to wait five more minutes. They said they were having equipment problems, which I didn’t believe until I saw stagehands buzzing about after the set started, not to mention the sub-par sound. We didn’t stay for the whole performance. We left the stage around seven. We walked around a bit and then near the crafts area in hoping to get the bread pudding we enjoyed yesterday, but they already closed. We left the fairgrounds and stopped by Liuzza’s for a drink briefly. We got to our car before the sunlight was gone. We got home sometime after eight. Later in the evening I did some laundry, used the computer for a while and played Doom 3 for a bit, an Xbox game that I’ll be reviewing for a makeup assignment.

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