End of My Freshman Year in College

Today marked the end of my 1st year of college. I went to work in no hurry this morning and arrived at 11. The filing and discharged patient input was backed up a bit and I spend my two hours on the clock taking care of that. We left at about 1:15. Dad took me uptown for my film class final exam this evening. I spent my time in the library hastily typing up a film journal for class. One of the class’s assignments was to write 1-2 pages about tem movies seen out of class. Of course I procrastinated and did it at the last possible instant. I got a fine grade on it though. The exam, which started pretty promptly at 5:45 consisted of ten terminology questions, a simple matching section and two essay questions pertaining to movies seen in class. My essays were a bit lacking in substance but otherwise I think I did pretty well. I figure even odds between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ for the semester. After I finished the exam I stuck around for a good while longer. Ms. McPherson offered to remove an absence if we stayed to be audience for a couple of class presentations. One student took a good while with the essay portion of the exam so there was a bit of a wait. A good portion of the class remained to hear two presentations, one on Dave Chapelle and another on Marilyn Monroe. Neither was stellar but the class enjoyed the clip from Chapelle’s Show that was played. With that out of the way we were free to go. It is certainly a relief to be done with school for a while. Although my classes were pretty easy, not having to worry about school work is rather relieving. During the summer I’ll be working, but when I clock out I forget about the workday, it need not come home with me. This leaves only one remaining concern, but I suppose that’s out of my hands. I thought I’d be taking the bus downtown but I called Dad, who was already waiting for me in front of Gibson Hall so he took me home. Mom made some chili for dinner, which was exceptionally good. The homemade variety is the only sort of chili I’ll eat. Later in the evening I watched His Girl Friday, a 1940 romantic comedy by definition. However, it decends into a level of sheer lunacy in the latter half at a level I couldn't have imagined.

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