UAB Swept

Dad, Andrew and I went straight from church to the baseball game this afternoon. Jeff went back to school after having been back all last week for spring break. The weather was gorgeous again. Dad was more that slightly naggy about being out in the sun so I bought a hat before the game started. Again, Tulane handily beat UAB with a final score of 13-5. We got home around five after the game. We had field peas for dinner. I spent some time in the evening looking for a ultra-compact AM/FM radio and picked out a Sony model. Later in the evening I did my homework for review writing class, reviewing a recent CD. The Halo 2 soundtrack is the only CD I have less than six months old so I reviews that. I had trouble getting started as I so often do but I think I managed alright. I went to bed having finished that and some laundry shortly after midnight.

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