CD Review Review

Dad had said we were going to work early today but I arrived at 9:45 which was manageable. There was just some scattered work to do until the doctor arrived around three. Dad took me uptown not long after since it was about to get crowded at the office and I didn’t have any work to do anyway. I sat is the library for a little while before making my way to class. I stopped in the Richardson lab to pick up a security suite CD and then sat outside for a little while before class started. Attendance was a bit light in class this evening. We went over out music CD reviews. They weren’t too bad and the class thought mine was half-decent. She lectured about television for a little while after the workshop as our next assignment is to review a TV show currently in production. Dad picked me up after class. He arrived just as it ended as he had to work late this evening. I didn’t do much of anything in the evening.

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