The Office Special

I took my good old time getting up this morning, making it out of bed at around 11. I watched Battlestar Galactica after being up for a while. Dad, my brothers and I left the house some time after one to go to this today’s baseball game. We stopped at the Frostop for lunch first. The weather was quite pleasant this afternoon cool and sunny. Tulane beat UAB again this afternoon, but it wasn’t nearly the blowout as yesterday’s game was. Tulane held a 4-1 lead at the end of the eighth. UAB scored three runs late but it wasn’t enough and Tulane won 4-3. We came home after the game, grandma was there, she stopped by for a visit and dinner. Mom made barbeque shrimp, which was quite good, more buttery than usual. Later in the evening I watched The Office Special, a Christmas special which served as an end to the series. Although the David Brent character is often hard to watch, the latter half made up for that to make one of the best endings to a sitcom. Although I have some disdain for love stories and they are all too often contrived and cheesy, The Office had the best one I can ever remember seeing in either TV or film. I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a little while and went to bed at a half-decent hour.

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