Tulane vs. UAB

I got to work most unusually early for a Friday, Dad had to be at the west bank office in the morning and that meant bringing me to mid city even earlier. It was rather gloomy outside this morning but it got much better later in the afternoon. I clocked in at 7:45. I don’t remember doing all that much in the morning but I had dictation to do in the afternoon. Dad came back to the office in the afternoon and we both left at 2:45 to get Andrew. On the way we stopped at Moldaner’s to drop off a roll of 120 film that I shot with the Mamiyaflex. We were a bit late in picking up Andrew due to that stop and the heavy traffic. Before making it home we stopped so Dad could wash the car. Dad, Jeff, Andrew and myself went out to the game after dinner this evening. Tulane played the University of Alabama-Birmingham baseball team in the first game of the series this evening. The school newspaper recently described UAB as “Tulane’s perennial bitch,” as Tulane’s various athletic teams have been beating Tulane recently, most notably in a football game last season. That trend continued this evening with an easy win for Tulane with a final of 11-3. The weather grew more than somewhat cold after the sun went down and we left the game during the seventh inning stretch, at which time Tulane already had a pretty safe lead. Later in the evening I talked to Bianca on the phone for a little while and browsed ebay for a while before bed.

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