How to Ruin Your Life

Dad and I left the house shortly after nine this morning. I did a couple reports before dad took me to this afternoon’s class. Ms. Snell lectured about advertising and PR for about 50 minutes, longer than the 30 minute classes we’ve grown all too comfortable with. After class I returned the shoes I bought on Monday as they didn’t really fit. I got some lunch at a little seafood place stuck in obscurity from the rest of the food court. As I was walking to the bus stop on Tulane I saw Renee and Murial from the bookstore standing just outside. I stopped into the store for just a minute to say hi to Ann, who I haven’t had lunch with lately. I caught a bus back to work and arrived back at 2:15. I remained at the office until 5:30 when I left and got a cab uptown. Melanie and I went to see Ben Stein Speak at Tulane this evening at McAlister auditorium. We arrived shortly after 6:30, about a half hour before the talk was about to start. A line had formed at the door, which was mildly surprising. That line got a lot longer shortly after we took our place. Ben Stein was introduced about ten past seven. The night’s topic was “How to Ruin Your Life,” also the title of one of his books. He opened with a few lengthy, well-crafted jokes. He then spoke for a while about both how to ruin and how to save your life, remarking about things critical for success. He took questions for over 30 minutes after the speech. His appearance ended after he said “Bueller” by request of s student. Melanie and I walked back to her house after we left. We talked for a while and watched The Incredibles. I got a cab home around two.

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