Last Marketing Class

I took a bus downtown this morning for my last marketing class. Overall this class has been pretty cool, largely due to the great instruction of Ms. Ann Snell. I have no particular interest in marketing but it’s been an enjoyable elective. I got to the mall early so I had time to touch up my presentation before class started. The hour-long class session was spent on student presentations. The project called for students come up with a new product and then discuss how one would go about marketing it. There were some interesting ideas, a couple of the presentations involved student’s actual entrepreneurial endeavors including a local magazine, Liquid, and a portable walkway system for construction sites. My product was a geared hub system for manual wheelchair wheels, like a ten-speed mechanism on a bike. I thought the product idea was pretty good. I thought of it myself although I learned that its development is already in progress. I got a perfect grade on my presentation although I could have been more eloquent had I prepared my speech ahead of time. After class I took a bus up Tulane and got to work pretty quickly at about 1:30. There was no dictation but there were a few bills to check. I was hardly busy, although there was steady traffic through the clinic. Dad called at five to tell me he was stuck in traffic due to a big accident on the bridge and I’d have to get a cab to this evening’s class, which I did. I arrived at the Centre with ten minutes to spare. Randy discussed the 90’s for a little while before a short break. He then spent 20 minutes summarizing the semester for the upcoming final exam. Class was dismissed early at 7:15. I walked to Tulane Ave. and took the medical school shuttle to Turchin Stadium where Tulane played Nicholls State this evening. I arrived during the seventh inning stretch, Tulane had a 2-0 lead. The game had been moving rather quickly and it continued to do so after I arrived. Tulane scored one more run in the eighth. The ninth passed quickly without incident and Tulane won 3-0. The game clocked in at under two hours at 1:50, remarkably fast for a baseball game. Also worth noting is that this was the first no-hitter for Tulane in quite some time. Dad and I went home after the game.

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