Last Review Writing Session

I went to work with dad this morning. We went to the west bank first for a couple hours. I didn’t have any work to do so I picked at a project for marketing class. I got some lunch while we were there. Dad and I left the westbank for Mid City around one o’clock. I had some dictation to do there, as well as bills to check. We left the office at ten to five. Dad took me uptown for this evening’s review writing class. This was the last session of the semester. Dr. Houston had each student mention something they learned in the class. She also described the situation for the final exam. The assignment we turned in today would be revised and graded as the final. All students will email two comments on everyone’s review which we’ll received, then revise our reviews and turn them in. Class ended exceptionally early around 6:30. I took a bus downtown and went to the Sheraton to sit around with a drink and my laptop for a while. I took a ferry across the river around 8. Dad picked me up on the other side to take me home. I worked on the marketing project for a little while longer and went to bed around 11. Khadijah called me at about quarter past midnight. I was awake and I haven’t been sleeping all that well the past few days anyway so I didn’t mind talking, which we did for about an hour before I finally got to sleep.

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