Last Film Class

I went to work with dad this morning and arrived shortly before ten. I was only there for a few hours so the small amount of work wasn’t necessarily a problem. We left shortly after one and Dad took me uptown before going to the east office. Dad dropped me off at the library, where I remained for a few hours. I had not yet finished the powerpoint that went with my class presentation on Stanley Kubrick for film class. I also had typed up my talking points for my monologue. I walked to Norman Mayer pretty early to make sure my laptop and the classroom projector would work properly, which it did. I spent some time trying to go over my little speech. We watched a short documentary on Citizen Kane and Orson Wells first in film class. I gave my presentation first after that. Although I was pretty down and distracted most of the day, I was able to complete my presentation pretty coherently and I had a kick-ass powerpoint to boot. I ended with a clip from Barry Lyndon. There was only one presentation after mine. A lady stumbled through something to do with Beauty and the Beast. I feel kinda bad saying it but it was unbelievably pathetic, although pretty amusing at the same time with the ‘neighbor next door’ persona in front of the class. We were done after that. I took a bus downtown and the ferry across the river to meet Dad. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home. We needed some things at the house and Dad took his good old time picking them out. Later in the evening my self-discipline expired and I called Melanie. We had a pleasant two and a half hour conversation. Although nothing was really resolved, it was very nice speaking with her.

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