Fixed and Unfixed

I went to work with Dad at the westbank office this morning. I didn’t have anything to do for the first few hours. I was really only there to type reports and there was no dictation until some time after doc arrived after one. I got lunch around 11:30. Doc arrived around one with a birthday cake for Trish. The clinic was rather busy in the afternoon. I had work to keep me busy about half of that time. The other half of the time I felt pretty useless as Trich and Dad were running around dealing with patients. We left sometime after six. Dad stopped on the way home to wash his car. Dad dropped me off at Roxana’s house this evening. A few days before, I agreed to look at her computer and get it working. I was there a couple hours and I managed to get the old thing working fine. However, as I was finishing things up I shut it down to move it and it never turned back on again, it was as if it was unplugged. I tried everything but I couldn’t get it to start up again. That being the case, I pretty much wasted an evening and accomplished nothing. Roxy took me home shortly after nine

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