No Parking

I had to take the bus to class this afternoon as Dad had to go to the west bank office. I had plenty of time and I stopped in EB Games and walked out with a Xbox live headset, the Halo 2 one. When I got upstairs I spoke briefly with Ms. Snell who told me she cancelled class since students would have been unable to park due to an event at the Superdome. She tried calling while I was on the bus but I didn’t answer the phone. I decided to call Ann for lunch and we met at Purple Roses, 20 minutes late as usual. I took a bus to mid city after lunch to work. There were a number of new patient reports, which I finished with no trouble. Dad and I left the office a few minutes after five to take me downtown for this evening’s class. Rock and Roll History class mostly dealt with punk rock. There was a lengthy lecture and we watched some clips before class was dismissed at quarter to eight. I took a cab to Melanie’s house to visit for the evening since Dad was busy this evening. Tulane played UNO on the lakefront and he went to the game. Tulane won that game, 6-0. Melanie and I watched a couple of movies this evening, Patriot Games and Young Sherlock Holmes. I got a cab home, had a pleasant conversation with the driver and arrived after two.

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