Xbox Live

We were a little late in leaving the house this morning, not that it was of any circumstance. Dad and I arrived at the mall with just a couple minutes to spare before class started this afternoon. Ms. Snell discussed “integrated marketing communications” advertising. Dad waited in the mall at Macy’s for me to finish class. I waited to call him after class so I could pick up some t-shirts. I saw me at the checkout at Macy’s and we left for work shortly thereafter. There were a few things to do at work today but I didn’t feel busy. We left the office sometime before five. Dad dropped me off at the New Orleans Center again for this evening’s class. Randy showed up a number of clips from Woodstock. That made up the better part of the class. He lectured for a short while about the 70’s and gave us our mid-terms. I was surprised to get a ‘B’ as I was more than somewhat disappointed with my knowledge of the material. Class was dismissed earlier than usual at 7:40. I called Dad and he said he’d be around before long to pick me up. I went to a couple of stores in the mean time. I bought a picture frame I didn’t need, contemplated buying a PSP and got some shoes, all-black Converse. Later in the evening after I got home, I activated an Xbox Live trial I had that was about to expire. I only played for a little while but I got all the content downloads for the games I have. I went to bed a while after I finished fooling with that.

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