Back From Break

Today marked the end of Tulane’s spring break not that it was terribly eventful anyway. Of course that’s hardly a bad thing. I went to work earlier that usual this morning. Dad basically dropped me off at the office; he couldn’t stay because he had to take his car in for service. I was at the office between nine and four. I can’t say I remember doing much work, but that would be only because there wasn’t much to be done. I did finish going through the patient files again. It would seem that the database wasn’t in too poor of shape. Dad dropped me off uptown shortly after four o’clock. I sat just outside the library for a while, as the weather was so pleasant today, as it has been off and on all week. I intended to read some handouts from class but I just spent the time browsing ebay. I walked to Norman Mayer about a half hour before this evening’s review writing class started. We discussed the class reviews this evening. I talked to Ami on the phone during the break, she had an small problem with some software I sent. I was surprised that the package I sent out on Saturday arrived in Arizona so soon. After the workshop, Dr. Houston discussed music and reviews on the subject at length. Out next assignment requires us to review a recent album. Dad picked me up shortly after class. I talked to Ami for a while after I got home. Later in the evening I watched The Killing before going to bed at a half decent hour.

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