Easter Sunday

Shortly after we got home from church, Grandma Janet came by the house for a couple hours to visit. Sometime after five o’clock, we went to Grandma Laughlin’s house for dinner this evening. As usual, grandma thought the food would be lousy, and as usual, it was excellent. We visited with her for a few hours after dinner. Grandma gave me her old Kodak Bantam f4.5 camera, which is unfortunately no longer viably usable since the 828 film is no longer manufactured. Later in the evening after getting home, I watched the season (series?) finale of Carnivale. I was assuming this would the conclusion of the series, but it seems to have been left somewhat open-ended, so perhaps there will be a 3rd season. In any event, it’s been an amazing show to watch. I cannot articulate all the weird stuff I’ve seen. I went to bed afterward at about 11:30.

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