Tulane Kicks LSU’s Ass

I had time to watch some TV including Stargate SG1 this morning before going to class. Dad had some sort of meeting to go to so he intended to drop me off for a bus but he ended up taking me over the river. Ms. Snell briefly discussed the marketing of services and reviewed the upcoming test, all in about 25 minutes. After class I walked down Poydras and took the Magazine bus to meet Melanie for lunch. We went to Slim Goodies Diner again. I remembered the name of the place this time. After we ate I walked back with her a ways to the school and sat down for a little while before leaving to take the bus back downtown. I was unlucky with that as I just missed one. I didn’t have to wait too long for the next one, but it was pretty crowded and got even more so with all the kids getting out of school. I got back downtown just before four o’clock. I took a seat at the Pelican Bar and remained there until about five. I tried to study a bit for the mid term this evening but I didn’t retain much. I walked to the New Orleans Centre after leaving the Sheraton. I arrived just in time for this evening’s history of rock and roll class. Again, I forgot this class starts at 5:30, not 5:45 like my other evening classes. Lucky for me I like arriving ‘early.’ The exam required a short paragraph definition of 10 of the 15 listed terms, most of them names. I don’t think I did all that great, with only seven decent answers. After finishing the test, after many others had already done so and left, I got my grade for the paper I did a couple weeks back. To my pleasant surprise, I got an A-, the only ‘A’ in the class. I thought my paper sucked. It was 300 words short and I thought it failed to make much of a point. No complaints though. I left class after speaking with ‘Professor Randy’ briefly. Dad picked me up a little while afterwards. Since I failed to recall the actual start time of class, he was a bit late in leaving to get me. The Tulane baseball game versus 5th ranked LSU was already underway, although scoreless, in the 2nd inning when he arrived. We had planned to go out to watch the game on TV since it was only airing on Cox cable. We only have DirecTV at home. We drove uptown to Cooter Brown’s and remained there until the end of the fourth inning, during which time we got something to eat. Tulane had a lead of 3-0 when we left there to go to Bruno’s to watch the rest of the game. LSU scored twice in the 5th on the way. That would be all LSU did of circumstance this evening however. Tulane scored three more runs in the 6th and 8th inning for a final sweet victory of 6-2. A little while after the game was over, we stopped by the Boot briefly for no apparent reason before heading home. Later in the evening I watched Carnivale before going to bed around one.

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