Again, there was no hurry to get to work this morning. I had time to watch Battlestar Galactica before leaving the house for the day. There wasn’t much work waiting. There was a little filing related stuff but that was all. With that finished I got some lunch. Dad took me uptown around 1:30. I went to the library for a while before class with my laptop for company. I walked to Norman Mayer a little after five. I had a chance to test connecting my laptop to the projector for my upcoming presentation. In film class this evening, we watched Network, an interesting look at a possible future of television. Melanie called me during the movie. I had wanted to get a Coke anyway so I stepped out for a minute and called her back. She said she and her family had been sick all day and I wouldn’t be able to come over after class. Although it was a shame they were sick, I was infuriated with heragainas she waited until the last instant to cancel on meagain. Class was dismissed immediately after the movie. I called dad and remembered that he went to the Hornet’s game with Andrew this evening. I just managed to catch the campus shuttle at 8:15 to go downtown and wait for Dad. I walked to the Sheraton to wait for a while with a drink and my computer. Dad showed up just before ten. Later in the evening I watched Silverado before going to bed.

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