Rain on Monday

There were some early patients at the east office this morning, which somehow required me to be at work for eight in the morning. There were just a few reports and I finished most all of my work around noon. That gave me time to work on the movie review that I was too tired to actually work on last night. I remained at the office until almost five, however, after which Dad took me uptown for class this evening. He dropped me off right behind Norman Mayer as it was raining, as it had been most of the day. We went over everyone’s review in class as usual tonight. Dr. Houston must have compiled them late because I e-mailed mine not too long before class and it still showed up. There was no writing workshop in class today to make room for an extended lecture. Dad picked me up after class at around 8:30. Later in the evening I talked to Melanie and later Khadijah on the phone before going to bed around one.

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