Triple Play!

After church, Dad and I went straight to Turchin for this afternoon’s Tulane Baseball game, the 3rd and final in the Cal State Fullerton series. We did stop at the Frostop for lunch first. I got a roast beef sandwich. The weather was even warmer than yesterday, but there was a howling wind through the better part of the game that caused havoc with the ball. Even so, this was a pretty enjoyable game. Tulane played considerably better than the previous two games. After coming close yesterday, I doubt they were intimidated by Fullerton anymore. Cal State had a number of home runs during the game, carried by the wind. Tulane scored consistently and stayed on top, but I don’t remember any Tulane balls leaving the park. Tulane got a triple play in the 5th, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The game ended with a win for Tulane with a final of 13-9, salvaging the three game series. We went home after the game. Grandma and Andrew made some smothered chicken for dinner. The evening was largely devoid of circumstance. I fooled with the Mamiyaflex for a while. The shutter is going to need a little work. I watched Stargate SG-1 before bed.

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