500th Post – "Polished" Movie Review

This is the 500th entry in my daily log, proving that words can flow freely even if you have nothing to say. I had to get up pretty early this morning to get a ride to work with mom as dad was staying home for the day while Larry was back at the house this afternoon patching up some things from Saturday. The beautiful weather from the weekend was gone, it was overcast today. I arrived at work at 7:45. There were a number of reports to do, all of which I finished around two. After some FreeCell and checking a number of bills, I got a cab to school around four. I went to Richardson for a little while before heading to class around 20 past five. During this evening’s review writing class, we went over the ‘polished’ movie reviews we revised from the last couple week’s assignments. We only had time in class to discuss the generic movie review. Mine got reasonable praise. I put it on the website during the class. We also discussed the next assignment, in which we are to interview a previous professor about a class we’ve taken. I called Dad after class and he offered to meet me downtown to take me home. I took the Freret bus to Canal Street, where Dad was waiting for me in front of the Sheraton. I had some of the red beans Dad made for dinner when I got home. Later in the evening I unpacked and tested the photo printer Dad bought over the weekend. Before bed I watched Carnivale and flipped through my scrapbook for a while.

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