Tokyo Cowboys

Dad and I got to the office around 11. There wasn’t much work to do for me today, especially since the clinic was closed. I got some lunch not long after arriving. Dad took me uptown at quarter past one. I had him drop me off at a camera shop on Maple St that I’ve wanted to check out, as I’m still looking for a dependable place to get my film developed. I dropped off a roll and bought some film for grandma’s old camera. They have a collection of used equipment I browsed for a while. I walked to the Boot and remained there for a while until my prints were ready. I left around four and walked back to the camera shop. The black and white film I gave them yielded prints with a substantial blue cast probably due to the older machine. The pictures were of nothing important anyway. The negatives are fine. I browsed the shop for a while longer as I had nothing to do until quarter to six. I left around five. There was a guest speaker in class this evening, Daneeta Saft. She’s a filmmaker and presumably a friend of the professor. She came to talk about filmmaking in general and her most recent project, Tokyo Cowboys. There were also a few presentations and some lecture regarding the movie we watched last week. After class I walked to Turchin to meet Dad who was watching Tulane play Texas Southern. Shortly after we arrived, Tulane was winning 7-3. We left a little while after I got there as it was rather cold. Tulane won with a final of 8-4. Later in the evening I took apart the Mamiyaflex again as the work I did on the shutter wasn’t enough. I think I got it this time. I talked to Melanie online briefly, she canceled our date for Friday, which in itself doesn’t bother me but I thought I deserved at least a phone call to blow off week-old plans. Before bed I watched Dazed and Confused.

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