Once Upon a Matress

Once Upon a Mattress Dad dropped me off at work early today so he could attend a funeral. There was just a little dictation waiting, which I did. I took a bus downtown around 11 to go to my class at noon. Today’s marketing class overviewed retailing. Ms. Snell went for 45 minutes, late but still early. I had lunch with Ann after class. I took the bus back to work after class and arrived just before two. I think there was just half of a report for me to finish. I was largely unoccupied until Dad and I left the office around five. This being St. Patrick’s Day, Dad wanted to stop by Parasol’s, a seemingly inexplicable popular place to go on this day. There’s always a block party around the place. We had a little trouble parking but managed. We got a drink and our fill of the crowds and left around 6:30 as I had somewhere to be. I attended a school play this evening which Melanie and her mother were heavily involved in. It was an adaptation of the Princess and the Pea entitled Once Upon a Mattress. It was a pretty impressive production, especially considering the cast was formed of middle-school students. I spoke with Melanie for a short while before getting a ride home from my dad, who I introduced to Melanie’s parent’s this evening. Before going to bed, I watched Dazed and Confused.

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