Finger Sandwiches and a Shutter

I got up around nine and had plenty of time this morning before we left the house for the day and watched Battlestar Galactica. I got to the mall at about 10 past eleven so I had plenty of time to browse the news and some message boards before class. Marketing class today pertained to marketing channels and her husbands sudden albeit not entirely surprising unemployment. He was an assistant basketball coach that was let go when head coach Shawn Finney was fired over the weekend. Dad picked me up after class and took me to the office. Before making it there though we picked up some things from Winn Dixie. Today is Dr. Stevenson’s birthday so we got some food for a little ad-hoc celebration during work. The rainy weather kept a lot of patient’s away so there wasn’t too much distraction from the chicken wings, finger sandwiches and birthday cake. I didn’t do anything resembling work while I was at the office. With the food out of the way I just sat with my laptop for a while and listened to music while I continued to catch up with log entries. We left the office a fee minutes past five. Traffic was rather heavy but Dad got me downtown to class with a few minutes to spare. Randy discussed some events during the sixties, most notably the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Class was dismissed around eight. Dad was waiting to pick me up. Later in the evening after I got home, I tried cleaning the shutter on the Mamiyaflex with reasonable success. I also watched some TV and printed some pictures of the clinics for Dad before bed.

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