A Little Class, Less Work

I don’t remember having all that much time to spare before this afternoon’s marketing class. We just took an exam today. 20 multiple choice questions and an essay, I think I did reasonably well even though I failed to study. I walked to ‘the Chinese place’ after class to meet Ann for lunch around 12:30. She showed at ten to one. After lunch, I walked back with her to the store, bought something and then walked outside to catch a bus to work. I walked out in time to see one pass by. I didn’t have to wait long for the next one though. While I was waiting, one bus stopped and two men stormed out ready to fist fight. The bus driver deprived those waiting of a show. I got to the office around two. There were some reports waiting but I wasn’t very busy. Dad and I left the office around five. I think he stopped to wash the car on the way home. I don’t remember anything of circumstance taking place in the evening.

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