Ghost World

I went to work with Dad this morning for 10:15. We stopped at the west bank office for a while before making our way across the river. I had nothing to do there so I just sat around until we left. When we got to the mid city office we stayed for just a little while, long enough for me to vacuum the floor. Dad took me uptown afterward. I had him drop me off at a camera shop on Maple St. that was closing down in a couple days. I was there for a little while. Someone there gave me a OM mount 2x tele-converter that he had been unable to sell on ebay, which I thought was rather considerate. I bought a camera strap to fit the Mamiyaflex, a micro fiber cloth and a roll of TMAX 3200. I thought it might be interesting to try shooting a much faster film. All that in hand, I got something to eat before walking to the library. I remained there for a few hours, most of which was spent browsing ebay. I walked to class shortly after five. There was one presentation in film class this evening and we watched Ghost World. After class I walked to the library because it was going to take a little while for Dad to arrive to take me home. Later in the evening I was on ebay some more, I did some laundry and talked to Melanie on the phone for a while before bed.

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