Cold Water

I was going to go to work with dad this morning but I ended up having to stay home. When we got up this morning the hot water heater was off. It turned out that the gas had been shut off as the bill got lost and was not paid. I had to stay home and wait for them to come out and turn the gas back on. Someone came by around noon. He was at the house for a little while as he had to look over the water heater and some other things. Shortly after he left, I left the house myself to go to work. I got real lucky as the bus passed as soon as I got to the stop. Dad was waiting for me on Tulane and Loyola to take me the rest of the way to the office. The office closed just after we arrived. Dad had some things to do but I don’t remember doing any actual work. I think we left a little over an hour after we arrived. We drove uptown to Andrew’s school to pick him up. With him in tow, we drove to somebody’s house to pick up some tickets for this evening’s baseball game. We then went to get something to eat and ended up at Theo’s, a little pizza place on Magazine I’ve been to twice before. We were there for about 45 minutes. We all split a pepperoni pizza. Having eaten, we made our way to Turchin Stadium for this evening’s Tulane baseball game versus Cal State Fullerton, defending College World Series champions. We arrived shortly after 5:30. Dad and Andrew had their tickets and went in. I waited outside the gate for Melanie, who had her parent’s grandstand tickets. I already knew she was going to be a little late but the game was almost a half hour old when she arrived around seven. We hadn’t missed much anyway, and what we did see wasn’t all that great either. Cal State dominated throughout the game. Besides the score, Tulane just didn’t look to be putting up much of a fight. The final score was 15-1. We left in the 8th inning when a Fullerton home run bumped the score to 9-1. We both walked to her house after the game. I brought 2001: A Space Odyssey with me and we watched that. I got a cab home not too long after it was over. Melanie said she had to get up early in the morning. When I got home I found an old camera on my bed, a Mamiyaflex II. It belonged to my late grandfather who purchased it in Japan while he was in the service after the Korean War. Grandma Laughlin had spoken with me about giving me the camera but I wasn’t expecting it. Although I should have just gone to bed when got home around two, I stayed up for an hour researching this particular camera on the net. It took me about a half hour just to figure out exactly what model it is.

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