Valentine’s Day

Things were pretty quiet at work today. Dad and I were the only ones in the office today with the exception of a few patients as Deidre wasn’t in the office today. I had a little dictation and some filing to keep me occupied for a while. It was because of this that we needed to be in the office for nine so I had to wake up a lot earlier than usual. We left after five. Dad took me uptown for class this evening. Dr. Houston discussed our online community reviews this evening. She liked my work this time, a nice change. This gave me a chance to relax a little during the ‘writing workshop’ period of the class. There was a short lecture of word usage afterward regarding vocabulary, diction and avoiding clich’s. I walked to Melanie’s house after class to visit for a while. She gave me some cookies she baked and made me a CD, complete with liner notes, which was exceedingly sweet. We talked and such for a while before Dad picked me up after 11. I listened to the CD after I got home and went to bed shortly thereafter.

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