Not the Best Tuesday

The runny nose and allergy symptoms I’ve been having these last few days became more than a nuisance today. I felt pretty crappy all day. I got through this morning’s marketing class ok. Ms. Snell went through chapter four and I got a copy of the textbook. Dad picked me up after class to take me to work. I did a good number of reports, although I felt rather miserable. I didn’t do much work after doc arrived. I sat in the back for about an hour and tried to rest my eyes a bit. I decided no to go to this evening’s class, although I didn’t leave the office till after seven this evening so there was no great benefit. I ate dinner when we got home, Dad started some slow-cooked white beans before work this morning. I went to bed early not too long after that around nine. I didn’t sleep very well between illness and the loud rain around 3 AM.

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