Now Quite as Bad Wednesday

I woke up feeling more miserable today than yesterday but hoped I would feel better as I took some Sudafed for my allergy symptoms. I got to work around 11:30. I vacuumed and did a report and then had lunch. I felt a good deal better after lunch and continued working until we left the office around three. Dad dropped me off in front of the school on St. Charles and I walked up to the library. I remained there for a couple hours. I left shortly after five to walk to this evening’s class. We watched Sunset Blvd. in film this evening. It’s a good movie that I’ve seen before. There was some trouble getting started though as the projector wasn’t getting any electricity. Some folks came by with an extension cord to get it working. A fuse must have blown as the outlet near my seat was out too. Class was dismissed immediately after the movie just after eight. I walked up to Freret as I was going to take a bus downtown to meet dad who was at the Hornet’s game this evening with Andrew. The medical school shuttle was there and I just caught it before it left. After the short ride to Tulane Ave., I walked down to Canal St. to go to the Sheraton to have a seat for a while until the game was over. I had forgotten that there were three Mardi Gras parades this evening so I walked right into an nice big crowd. There was a parade going by as just as I was walking down. I had to take a couple detours to get where I was going. I finally took a seat in the Pelican Bar and sat for a while. Dad called around 9:30. I figured he could just pick me up behind the hotel but I didn’t yet know there was another parade right behind the one I saw so roads were still blocked. I walked up to Tulane and University where Dad picked me up. I was up for a while on the computer before going to bed in the evening.

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