Review Writing and Birthday Cake

I went to work at 11:30 this morning with plenty of work to do. There was some dictation that sat over the weekend that wasn’t finished last Friday. I worked on that for a while before leaving the office at 4:30 to go to this evening’s class. Before getting to class, we picked up Andrew from school. He and Dad went to the Hornet’s game this evening. Before dropping me off, we all got something to eat from the Frostop. Dad dropped me off on campus with just enough time to get to class. During this evening’s review writing class, we went over each student’s product review, which was due today. I wrote a review on my laptop, which the professor didn’t much like due to the highly technical vocabulary it contained and it’s lack of ‘personality.’ After she went through everyone’s work, we were given some time to improve out papers based on her suggestions, class time called the ‘writing workshop.’ I think I got the techno-babble down but I doubt I added much personality to the review. Before class was dismissed, she lectured for a bit and gave us out next assignment, reviewing an internet message board. That should be an interesting undertaking. After class I saw that is was raining rather heavily. It had been raining with reasonable frequency throughout the day. I had planned to visit Melanie at her house for a little while this evening. It would figure that I left my umbrella at home this morning. Luckily, her dad was good enough to give me a lift to her house given how wet it was. Not long after I got there, they resumed Goldeneye, the movie they had been watching. Tomorrow is Melanie’s 21st birthday so we all had some cake before dad arrived to take me home. Later in the evening, I watched a bit more of Red Beard. I though I was going to finish it tonight but I only made it to the intermission before going to bed.

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